• Wang Xin Mechanical Engineering College, Henan University of Engineering, Zhengzhou, PR China
Keywords: carburizing-quenching, Jominy distance, carbon content, hardness


Unlike the conventional calculation models of the hardness, a carburizing-quenching hardness model considers the influence of the carbon content on the phase transformation and hardness. The volume fraction model (VFM) and Jominy curve model (JCM) for calculating carburizing-quenching hardness of 20CrNi2Mo steel were built in this study, and the models were used to calculate the hardness of Jominy and gear samples. The hardness results of both models were compared, and the simulation results were verified with the corresponding test results. The results show that the hardness values obtained with both models have a certain calculation accuracy. But due to considering the influence of residual austenite (RA) on the hardness, the simulation accuracy of the VFM was better for the low Jominy distance and the hardened case, while the simulation accuracy of the JCM was better for the large Jominy distance and the low-carbon martensite region; the calculation of the latter is more convenient and its accumulated error is small.


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