• Juan José Galán Department of Naval and Industrial Engineering, ETSI Caminos, Canales y Puertos, University of A Coruña, 15403 Ferrol, Spain
  • Nuria Varela-Fernández Department of Naval and Industrial Engineering, ETSI Caminos, Canales y Puertos, University of A Coruña, 15403 Ferrol, Spain
  • Manuel Ángel Graña-López Department of Industrial Engineering, Escuela Universitaria Politécnica, University of A Coruña, 15405 Ferrol, Spain
  • Almudena Filgueira-Vizoso Department of Chemistry, Escuela Politécnica Superior, University of A Coruña, 15403 Ferrol, Spain
  • Ana García-Diez Department of Naval and Industrial Engineer, Escuela Politécnica Superior, University of A Coruña, 15403 Ferrol, Spain
Keywords: spheroidal cast iron, grey cast iron, mechanical properties, engine boat


The objective of this work was to study the suitability of three types of cast iron for the manufacture of a ship engine: EN-GJS-500-7U for the manufacture of the engine block, EN-GJS-400-15U for the cylinder head and EN-GJL-200 for the liner. Tensile tests were carried out to obtain the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) of each material. The results for the UTS were: 460 MPa for EN-GJS-500-7U, 390 MPa for EN-GJS-400-15U and 170 MPa for EN-GJL-200. Likewise, Brinell-hardness measurements were carried out and the elements present in the materials were determined with spectrometry. Finally, the size of graphite particles in each sample was determined.


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