• Deepa Nivethika S. Vellore Institute of Technology University, Chennai – 600127
Keywords: metamaterial, absorber, multiband, terahertz, Q-factor


A terahertz Eight-/Nine-/Twelve-/Fourteen-/Sixteen-Band Metamaterial Absorber (MMA) for sensing applications is built and simulated. The substrate is sandwiched between the bottom ground plane and the top patch structure of this primitive MMA. The top patch is made up of two concentric circular ring resonators. This structure generates a multiple number of multi bands without utilising stacked layers, multiple resonators, or overlapping in a single unit cell by altering the radius of the top patch structure within the shorter frequency range of 0.8 THz to 1.2 THz. The polarisation and angle insensitivity properties are investigated by shifting the angle values from 0 to 90 degrees. To learn about the inside mechanism of the planned structure, the magnetic field distribution, electric field distribution and surface current distribution plots are explained. For the sixteen-band MMA, the Q-Factor and full width half maximum are also determined. This proposed MMA will be used in biosensing applications, sensors and wireless communications.


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