• Mathu Kumar S. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ponjesly College of Engineering, Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Rejikumar R. Faculty of EDICT, School of Engineering, Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Mini Jose Anand Faculty of EDICT, School of Engineering, Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Mohamed Shebu M. Faculty of EDICT, School of Engineering, Bahrain Polytechnic, Kingdom of Bahrain
Keywords: date palm stem fibre, epoxy resin, polymer composites, mechanical properties


The growing demand for sustainable materials, particularly date palm stem fibre (DPSF), has garnered attention in the area of engineering applications due to its advantageous traits. Its composites offer distinctive characteristics such as satisfactory mechanical properties, low density and a cost-effective production. This study examines the mechanical characteristics of epoxy (LY-556) composites reinforced with DPSF. A range of composite configurations with different compositions and fibre loadings were meticulously crafted, using a hand lay-up technique. The research meticulously examines DPSF and epoxy composites with loadings of (10, 15, 20, and 25) w/%, comprehensively characterizing their flexural, tensile, impact and water-absorption behaviours. Across the varied compositions, the characteristics of flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and water absorption are thoroughly analysed. The conclusive findings underscore optimal enhancements in the flexural, tensile and impact strengths achieved with the DPSF loading of 20 %. This empirical understanding bears significance for designing natural fibre reinforced composites with superior mechanical attributes, reaffirming DPSF’s potential as a valuable reinforcement in modern engineering applications.


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